Teachers' Corner

Welcome teachers, of all kinds, to a section just for you! You can access presentations, apply for visits by APC scientists to your primary or secondary school, order posters and newsletters or request placement opportunities for transition year students. There are also experiments, educational games and quizzes (with the answers!) for your students to try out in class. Why not register now for our ‘Microbe Magic @school’ programme and sign up for a visit today?! You can also contact us with any queries, comments or ideas at: MicrobeMagic@ucc.ie

There are lots of opportunities to meet and interact with APC scientists and science. If you'd like support with participation in the BT Young Scientist competition, educational games and multimedia for computers or mobile phones, Newsletters or posters for the classroom, contact us at: MicrobeMagic@ucc.ie or register using the pdf below.

You can play all the quizzes online here. Why not check out all the experiments that we have as well.

My Gut Feeling

My Gut Feeling is a learning tool for gastrointestinal biology. It uses the Microsoft Kinect to display a person's digestive system on their own body and features informational videos explaining the process of digestion. Clicking the button below will take you through the process of how to download, install and run My Gut Feeling on your own laptop or computer.

My Gut Feeling Logo