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When you know about healthy living, you know how to stay fit and healthy! You know about nutrients and where to find them, and how having good personal hygiene helps you to fight microbes. You know that exercise keeps your body fit and muscles like your heart strong. Healthy living also means you are sensible about things like sunshine, which is very good for you but can also be very, very bad. You also know all about how bad smoking is for your body! Healthy living is easy, when you know how - click on the links to find out more!


Exercise is one of the easiest ways to feel great and be healthy! You get to do something fun while keeping your body fit. When you exercise regularly, you feel good and you have lots of energy to do all the things you enjoy. Exercise makes you strong, helps you to relax and can calm you down when you are feeling angry! Exercise is the fun way to look and feel great!

Child exercising and playing


Hygiene is a really important part of your everyday healthy habits! Your hygienic habits make sure you feel good about yourself and they protect you from disease. You already have hygienic habits without even realising it – from showering or bathing and cleaning your room to washing your hands after you visit the toilet or before you help to prepare or eat food.

Girl brushing her teeth


Smoking is really bad for you. Some people think it makes them look cool but smoking makes your breath, your clothes and your skin smell really bad! Smoking can turn your teeth and fingers a horrible yellow colour and people who smoke are more likely to get sick and less likely to do well at sports. None of that is very cool!

Smoking cigarette


Sunshine is good for you but it can also be very, very bad! A little sun helps your body make vitamin D which you need for strong muscles and bones. Too much sun is really bad as it burns your skin and is very painful. Your best protection from the sun is to Slip on a T-shirt, Slop on sunscreen, Slap on a hat and Wrap on sunglasses.

Child enjoying the sun