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Microbe magic is the main information portal for primary school students to the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (APC)! 

The APC is a scientific research centre, based at University College Cork, where nearly 200 scientists are working hard to figure out how the good bacteria in your gut keep you healthy and how they can be used to treat disease.  Your clever body can tell if a microbe is good for you or if it is bad and APC scientists are trying to find out how your body knows this.  When they find out, they want to make microbes work for mankind – and work hard to keep you healthy!

The education and outreach team at APC helps me to take care of the Microbe Magic website.  If you have any queries on your gut health, gut disorders, Probiotics, functional foods or anything else, just send me an email at: apc@ucc.ie!    


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