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Welcome to Microbe Magic, the interactive science website for primary school students!  Why not try out all of the links?  You can play games, take a quiz, try out an experiment or have your questions answered by an APC scientist.  There is lots of choice for students, parents and for teachers!

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New Apps from APC

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Explore the depths of our gastrointestinal tracts - learn all about the organs of our digestive tracts and the bacteria which can be found living in each area of the gut! And you can have lots of fun destroying the bad guys (pathogens) with their armoury (probiotics, of course)!

Living Gut for iPad - download for free

Alimentary Assault 3D for Android- download for free


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Science Week 2009

Alimentary Adventures


Catch up with Alimentary Adventures, APC's giant walk through inflatable tunnel which mimics the human digestive tract!

July 25&26, 2014 - Festival of Curiosity, National Botanic Gardens Dublin


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